This portion of the website allows current Heyl Scholars to submit transcripts, address verification, and summer research proposals to the Heyl Scholarship Fund.


To ensure academic eligibility, Heyl Scholars must submit their updated unofficial college transcripts for review at the end of term or semester.

Submit an Academic Transcript


The Heyl Scholarship will cover the cost of rooming (based on a standard shared room) within the College residential system or in facilities approved by the College and the Executive Director of the Heyl Scholarship Fund. Scholars seeking approval for off campus living will need to submit proof of address annually to the Executive Director of the Heyl Scholarship Fund. Please note that housing support will not be provided to those who elect to live with their parent(s)/guardian(s) or choose to live elsewhere.

The following items that show your name and off-campus address can be submitted as Proof of Address.

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Utility Bill
  • Lease Agreement

Submit an Address Verification Form


Heyl Scholars at Kalamazoo College seeking to conduct research with a K College Science/Math faculty member with support from the Heyl Scholarship Fund will need to submit a research proposal. It is expected that your research will be a full-time engagement for at least 10 weeks.  Please note that you may receive this grant one time only.

To apply for a summer research grant the following documents will need to be submitted by Monday of 5th week in the Spring term.

  • A description/proposal of your planned research
  • A supporting letter from the faculty member with whom you will be working

Heyl Research Proposal submission Coming Soon!